CBS, KAKE news and AOPA broadcast Yoshi's story

More snow -- what to do...

How to get yoshi home...

Snow covers the Midwest again and we have to change the flight plan again

Standby for updates this morning

** In other news, Panera gave me a free birthday pastry in St. Louis this morning :0


Safety is paramount --- we cancelled flight tonight

Yoshi and I decided that 'there is always tomorrow' and best not to push on with Mother Nature tonight (snow over Indianapolis)

Just got 'rescued' by another PnP pilot -- Bill Harms. Yoshi and I are staying with him tonight. Thanks everyone in St Louis area for helping and coming together

The journey continues tomorrow

St Louis to Columbus then onward to the east coast


Yoshi doing great

Little guy is perfect. Slept all night curled up in my lap and resting for our journey today >> Scottsdale to Albuquerque. Then to Wichita for layover tonight.


Enroute with Yoshi -- Los Angeles to NYC (Day One)

I picked up Yoshi in Corona, CA and he knew he had been saved.

Just days earlier he was on the PTS list at the local Moreno Valley shelter, and a collaborative effort involving PilotnPaws, coast to coast shelter calls and local volunteers... we saved this guy!

My job is to help carry him with care and comfort to his new forever home on the East coast.

We'll fly over 2000 nautical miles together and experience the entire American landscape, coast to coast. Check here for updated pictures, video and stories

(Day 2) -- NYC to Oaxaca Mexico

Yesterday's flight was a leg from Tennesse to Arkansas then into Southern Texas.

Posting from Houston, Texas currently. Today's flight takes me across the International border to Tampico Mexico. Tomorrow, through the valley of Oaxaca


Pavlov Across USA - NYC to Tennessee (1st Leg)

New pics and time lapse video of 1st Leg across USA. The Headwinds were strong and a stop in the Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia for gas was a nice break to check on the cameras and footage.

The final video will be a multi-angle film of the entire country, under time lapse. 

Check the wing tip sample movie below (NYC to Tennessee) - Click to Play

Rescue Missions -- Track Pavlov across the USA and Mexico!

Dr. Pavlov will be in the air for the month of January 2014, flying "Pilot Paws" rescue missions for pets in need of rescue, shelter or fostering. 

We've teamed up with , a meeting place for volunteer plane owners/pilots to coordinate their time and resources for helping animals in need.

Track Pavlov live at the link below

And check back often for updated videos, photos and stories from the trip across the country this month.

- Dr. Pavlov


Click here to watch the PPaws PSA Video >>>

Pavlov goes Flying over NYC

Sasha, our Border Terrier, is an accomplished pilot with hundreds of hours of flying experience! Take a trip with him here over the beautiful Manhattan Skyline enroute to Woodstock, NY.